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Here's how 1stPageProphets NZ has the search engine marketing team and credibility to boost your website rank.

About Us.......this is not about us at all though, is it? It's about you, your website and YOUR PROFITS. However, you have landed on this page because you want to know something about who we are and what we've done.

1stPageProphets Vision

At 1stPageProphets, our vision is:

"Business Excellence Through Maximum Online Visibility"

1stPageProphets NZ

1stPageProphets NZ started as a branch of 1stPageProphets UK. This alliance brought to New Zealand the abilities and experience of one of the best of the UK Search Engine Marketing (SEM) companies. So you get the best of both worlds...Search Engine Marketing skills that were honed in the hyper-competitve UK marketplace, and a local N.Z. connection with many years of N.Z. marketing experience.


The 1stPageProphets Team

Hamish Carnie, Managing Director, Tauranga, NZ

Hamish has been a senior business coach for the past ten years, helping 100's of business owners' (including marketing consultants) how to make more profit, especially through more effective marketing strategy and implementation.

Hamish became involved with Mike Bradley through his marketing activities and quickly realised Mike had exceptional talent for propelling his clients' websites to the top of their Google rankings. And Mike acheives these impressive results in the highly competitive UK search engine marketplace.

Hamish could see that this highly-developed level of performance was not readily available in N.Z. He therefore joined forces with Mike and 1stPageProphets UK and his global team of SEM experts to bring this level of internet marketing ability to N.Z. businesses and organisations.

Hamish has been owned several businesses, been a General Manager of a division of a publicly-listed company, and has an Master of Business Administration (Distinction).

He and his wife Louise have four children, live on a life style block near Tauranga and also have a harbour-side kiwifruit orchard.

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In a short time, 1st Page Prophet's SEO work on our website, boosted our business enormously. We quickly picked up a substantial job from an international business, who easily found our website online. Because 1st Page Prophets optimised our website we gained work worth $100,000's from an area of the market we were surprised to get.

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