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What Is Pay Per Click PPC?

Pay-per-click advertising,or PPC, is one form of online advertising whereby visitors are directed to an advertiser's website after clicking on an advertisement, and the advertiser pays for each visitor that clicks through to their website. Payments are based on the number of ‘clicks’ from that advertisement.

Every click can cost between 1 cent and several dollars, depending on certain factors including: the pay-per-click search engine advertisement is on, and the search phrase being targeted.

The best and most well-known example of pay-per-click advertising is Google's PPC advertising called Google AdWords.

Google Adwords is a form of online advertising whereby you bid for a certain ‘search phrase’. Your text ad appears on the right hand side of the page – the results vary according to the amount you’ve bid and the level of competition for that particular search phrase. Each text advertiser is only charged when a visitor clicks through to that website, for each time a visitor clicks.

 Successful PPC is made up of these main factors:

1. Bid on a sufficient number of targeted search phrases.
2. Bidding high enough for each search phrase so that your text ad appears where it will be seen (for brand awareness) and clicked (to send the search engine user to your web site).
3. Creating a highly targeted campaign.
4. Providing highly relevant information for the searchers who click on your text ads.
5. Constant measuring and testing of results.

The major problems facing web site owners are numerous and complex: how do I find the right search phrases amongst 1000s to 10000s of search phrases, how much should I bid for each search phrase, how do I create a highly targeted campaign?, how do I provide targeted, relevant information for the searchers?, and how do I measure and test the campaign?

1stPageProphets specialisation is creating and managing a highly profitable Google AdWords campaign for our clients by providing the solutions to the PPC problems above. 1stPageProphets has achieved superb PPC results for our clients using our PFSEMTM methodology.

Please contact us now in order for us to aid you in understanding the level of commitment required to gain similar results for your own web site. Don't delay because our next month's new client work schedule is filling fast.

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