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Our Approach

1st Page Prophets provides a profit-focused, ethical approach to search engine marketing service to all our clients and is one that has provided many of our clients with profitable campaigns. The revenue and profit generated by the leads or sales from your web site are more important than both search engine rankings & traffic, therefore we don’t compromise on ethics for short-term gain.

Why Ethical? Gaining high search engine rankings are extremely valuable to any business and because of this, many SEM companies will employ what is known in the industry as ‘Black Hat’ (Unethical) tactics to gain these high rankings for their clients. As with any unethical methods, there are major drawbacks – the high rankings are very short lived and many Search Engines will no longer index (find and show) pages that have employed these tactics.

1st Page Prophets only undertakes ethical search engine marketing methods, therefore, never compromising our clients natural search engine rankings which are too valuable to risk losing by using these unethical methods.

Profit-Focused Search Engine Marketing

It is imperative that Search Engine Marketing (SEM), as with all types of marketing, is profit-focused. The rankings and keywords provide the path to profit, but are not the focus. The only focus is PROFIT. Profit-Focused Search Engine MarketingTM (PFSEMTM) is a marketing method that focuses primarily on the profitability of your search engine marketing.

Profit-Focused Search Engine MarketingTM ruthlessly pursues profit.

PFSEMTM guarantees that the success of your online marketing is measured by actual profit, not the success of key phrases or your websites position on search results, but purely on PROFIT.

By tracking and measuring the return of your investment of each search engine referral to your website, PFSEMTM creates a definitive path through the key phrases, placing the emphasis of search engine optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising on the profit related results.

Profit-Focused Search Engine MarketingTM moves SEO & PPC from a guessing game to data-driven.

100% Ethical White-Hat SEM

Our search engine optimisation and marketing strategies and tactics are 100% ethical/white-hat. The importance of this ‘white hat’ strategy cannot be understated, because should search engines determine that a web site is using unethical/black hat techniques the search engine will simply de-index (drop) the offending web site from its index.

Translated into English: Your web site will NOT be found in the natural search engine rankings (the results on the left hand side of a Google search result ). The result of which will be a huge reduction in the amount of traffic and leads you receive from your website.

The following search engine optimisation techniques are viewed as malicious by search engines (SPAM).

1stPageProphets DOES NOT use or promote the following:
•    "door way" pages generated automatically by software
•    IP cloaking
•    dummy redirects
•    stuffing keywords into pages
•    hidden text
•    hidden links
•    irrelevant words added to pages
•    pages containing duplicated content
•    mis-spelling of well-known brand names
•    linking to/with-in link farms
•    and any other methods that try to dupe the search engines

Your web site's natural search engine rankings are far too valuable to risk using the above techniques. Regardless of what you read or are told, AVOID these methods and walk away from any SEO company that advises you these techniques are suitable.

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